New Patients

After being warmly received by our caring staff you will then be handed an “intake form” that you should read and complete. You will be asked for some personal information, that includes your ID as well as to establish a method of payment for your visit.

Be prepared to dedicate thirty minutes for your first visit as we offer a very thorough and comprehensive interview and examination. Dr. Habib will take your medical history which will be focused on your current complaint as well as a full review of all body systems to rule out any underlying conditions. A general physical examination, then a neurological exam, followed by an orthopedic exam will be performed.

Dr. Habib will then give you a report of findings with regards to your condition, any suggestions for further investigations such as x-rays, MRIs or other tests will be proposed, and a provisional diagnosis of your condition will be discussed. Dr. Habib will then propose a treatment plan explaining the benefits and expectations of such therapeutic solutions with side effects if any, and upon your approval a treatment schedule will be organized.

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