Tendonitis is a painful degenerative condition that results from failure of healing of inflammations of tendons produced by repeated micro-trauma. Tendonitis is almost always caused by repetitive movements of a tendon, such as when keyboarding, guitar playing, golfing, baseball pitching, running, squash and tennis. Tendonitis can develop in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Common types of tendonitis include: Achilles tendonitis, Shoulder tendonitis, Hip tendonitis, Peroneal (outside of leg) tendonitis, Biceps tendonitis, Bicipital tendonosis, Plantar fasciitis, Elbow tendonitis (golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, also called epicondylitis), DeQuervain's tendonitis, Patellar tendonitis.


At first onset of tendonitis, stop the precipitating activity. Rest is the first line of defense. Next, apply an ice wrap to the inflamed tendon. Leave on for about 20 minutes. Repeat every two waking hours until pain subsides. For wrist tendonitis, wearing a supportive wrist brace may provide relief as well.

Chiropractic Manipulation along with Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can be an excellent non-pharmaceutical options for treating acute and chronic cases of tendonitis.

If your tendonitis is caused by too much typing, make sure that your workstation is set up ergonomically: monitor at eye level; keyboard tray to allow arms to fall naturally to your side while typing; and a chair with good back support, and foot stool to take some pressure off your thighs. Keep your elbows at a 90-100 degree bend and keep your wrists straight, inline with your forearms. Keep your mouse and other accessories within a small arc from your keyboard to minimize repetitive reaching. Lastly, stretch your wrists, shoulders, neck and back every hour. If at all possible, try to rotate tasks every other month to avoid repetitive stress to your wrists.