Post Surgical Healing

Chiropractic offers several ways for the expedient relief of post surgical pain as well as promoting the healing process of both surgical wounds and fractured bones by up to 40% reduction in healing time.

Manipulation offers immediate stimulation of the wide diameter nerve fibers responsible for altering the process of pain perception on a cerebral (by the brain) level. Thus our brain starts to block the process involved in relaying pain sensation with a reduction in the pain experience.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy goes to the cellular level and promotes healing at that level.  Some of its effects include accelerated cell growth and reproduction, accelerated collagen synthesis, increased cellular metabolic activity, anti-inflammatory action, increased vascular activity with new vessel formation (angiogenesis) as well as increased blood flow to the affected region, and stimulated nerve function. Reduction of the healing time of surgical wounds as well as fractured bones by up to 40% is just one of the positive effects for this approach.